eau de parfum 100 ml

An Eau de Parfum from the floral fragrance family – for women with freedom reigning in their hearts and minds.

A fragrance that connects traditions and elegance in a feminine way. LA RIVE HER CHOICE represents of the new generation, for which freedom is one of the most important values. Get to know a combination of orange blossom and bergamot aromas as radiant as your energy and use it to make your dreams come true. The subtle flower scents of tuberose and jasmine will guide your way, with confidence. Your life is an exciting journey. Choose your path – it is only your choice to make.

LA RIVE HER CHOICE - Eau de Parfum | larive-parfums.com
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  • orange blossom, bergamot
  • tuberose, Indian jasmine
  • vanilla, white musk, cedarwood