edp 50ml + bgs 250ml

LA RIVE Frozen is a remarkable offer for all the little princesses!

GIFT SET LA RIVE FROZEN makes a perfect gift idea thanks to the elegant packaging of two lovely FROZEN products:

♥ EDP FROZEN – 50 ML Eau de Parfume of magical perfumed water for girls
♥ BGS FROZEN – 250 ML Bath Gel and Shampoo “2 in 1” with “Sweet Banana” fragrance

Collection of stylized products created from inspiration with fantastic adventures of Elsa and Anna allow feeling magic, lightness, and joy that accompanied the sisters known from Disney animation. Meet the perfumed water FROZEN – this is a perfect youth fragrance, where you can find the energy of white peach and orange blossom and the charm of delicate jasmine and lily of the valley notes on the base of oakmoss. This fragrance is a world full of colors and adventurers prepared in a beautiful, colorful package with images of princesses Elsa and Anna – even the cap of the bottle took on a magical flower shape! Perfumed deodorant FROZEN – it is a perfectly refreshing mist of fruit, flowers and moss scents. The product of dreams for all the fans of princesses Elsa and Anna. Fresh and subtle youth fragrance and stylized package comprise a perfect proposal! A mild shampoo and bubble bath with the scent of ‘Sweet Banana’ – a new proposal from the FROZEN collection from LA RIVE decorated with images of princesses Elsa and Anna known from the Disney movie FROZEN – licensed product. This is a very gentle product of ‘2 in 1’ type that combines features of shampoo and bubble bath which gently cleanses and has a very pleasant, sweet fragrance of ‘Sweet Banana’ composition – specially prepared for children and youth. Freshness and lightness of a fragrance and beautiful decorations of the handy bottle make that the FROZEN collection Shampoo and Bubble bath in one from LA RIVE is an indispensable accessory in the bathroom of every little princess!

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