eau de parfum 75ml

Eau do Parfum from the prestigious collection LA RIVE CRYSTALS – PEARL WOMAN fragrance composition.

LA RIVE CRYSTALS Collection – Made with crystals
A unique, prestigious collection of luxury perfumes for women. Rich and inspiring fragrances complemented by beautiful, eye-catching packaging decorated with original crystals. This is a collection inspired by the glow of feminine beauty.

Do you like to intrigue? You appear to be subtle, but you are aware of the power inside you. Yes. This is you… You are like the summer wind in the morning, which tenderly strokes the surroundings with its cheerful charm… We created this composition for you – it is a floral fragrance, exceptionally intense, which is like a memory of a walk in the garden filled with flowers and ripe fruit. The first citrus composition fades and uncovers the rich heart, filled with lily of the valley, rose and jasmine laid on the bed of sandalwood and amber. Wearing this fragrance, you will feel a wave of energy and optimism, which will accompany you all day long. It is an inspiring composition for an inspiring woman, a key to a magic garden. Will you cross the threshold?…

Scent notes
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  • bergamot, lemon, blackcurrant
  • jasmine, lily of the valley, rose
  • sandalwoood, amber, cedarwood