illuminating body mist 3x100ml

Gift set containing perfumed body mists with illuminating particles from the LA RIVE BODY SHINE collection.

Meet the vegan body mist BRIGHT GLOW and discover on your skin the magic of illumination in the shiny aura of this elegant perfume! BRIGHT GLOW is full of intriguing and mysterious femininity. Feel the sweet accents of romantic vanilla and caramel, bathed in sparkling particles of a mist in the shade of tea roses bouquet. Charm and elegance in a duet with brilliance – a perfect combination!

Golden reflections attracting eyes and the smell of rebellious, passionate sweetness – a mist created for women full of charm. The stylish GOLDEN DREAM fragrance is a rich bouquet of gardenia, jasmine, and orange blossom notes with a hint of raspberry and neroli, based on amber and patchouli with the addition of white honey. Let your skin shine with the power of dreams … enjoy the glow, relish the moment!

Discover the power of femininity expressed in light and fragrance! SPARKLING ROSE is a romantic, floral aroma accompanied by delicate golden dust – a duo created for your skin. A romantic bouquet of irises, jasmine and orange blossoms is enriched by notes of pear and blackcurrant. The base of the fragrance is built with notes of patchouli with vanilla, almonds, and an intriguing accent of tonka bean. Highlight your glow and conquer the world!

| Suitable for vegans |