Deodorant spray in the fragrance line of EXTREME STORY Eau de Toilette.

When you are breaking the limits again, you feel exceptional power… Keep that feeling! The fragrance EXTREME STORY is the essence of masculine strength and an unforgettable adventure. Give freshness to every moment of your life thanks to the fresh aromas of the bergamot and elemi. Listen to your inner voice and discover incredible deep notes of the lavender and geranium that build the heart of the fragrance. Feel the power of cedarwood, and labdanum .. and find the reflection of primal wildness hidden in the true, masculine nature – your nature, whose realm is the feeling of unlimited freedom. Free your power!

Scent notes
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  • bergamot, pepper
  • geranium, lavender, Szechuan pepper, elemi, pink pepper, vetiver, patchouli
  • cedarwood, labdanum, ambroxan