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Having second thoughts about which scent is best for You? Get rid of doubts solving our personality test!

Woman Kobieta
Man Mężczyzna
You get up in the morning and put on what you like best. What is it?
You’re in for a long weekend in May or a long-awaited holiday. Your plans must include:
Imagine you can fly to the following places... Which do you choose?
What music do you listen to most often?
Each fruit has its unique character – which is the best reflection of your nature?
You are going out with somebody, who you have liked for a long time. How do you imagine your perfect date?
Something you had to do today doesn’t matter any more. You have a little free time – just for yourself. What will you do?
You’re waiting for somebody in a cafe, in the meantime the waiter comes up to your table – what will you order?
Close your eyes and imagine a place where you would feel perfect. What is that place?
Your friend calls you and tries to convince you to go on a trip into the unknown – you have an hour to decide. What will you do?
How will you describe trips which you enjoy the most?
In your wardrobe there are basically:
What cuisine do you eat most often?
You’re planning the New Year’s Eve. What comes to your mind?
If you decided today on your future life, you’d like to be:
An ideal car is…
What’s your favourite way of spending free afternoons?
What’s your favourite season?
Which sport do you like the most?
If you had a chance to do something really crazy, what would that be?
Your score